Bitcoin Promotional Brochures

You understand Bitcoin, you recognize its virtues, and you see its potential to change the world. But how do you explain it in simplistic yet informative terms to someone who may have only a cursory interest in learning more about it? That's where the age-old concept of product literature may come in handy.

I have designed a simple tri-fold brochure that highlights the general concepts of Bitcoin and answers some of the basic questions new users tend to have. These visually appealing brochures are professionally printed on heavy weight glossy paper, thus providing something substantive and tangible to help bridge the threshold between the material and the conceptual. Hand them out to whomever you do business with as a way to suggest a better form of commerce or to anyone you meet who expresses an interest in learning more about Bitcoin.

I am making these brochures available to anyone who wants some for no more than the cost of printing and postage. Place your order below:

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